KVALA: from Greece to table

A new approach of a traditional greek meal and an art gallery. When good taste meets … good taste.


The real truth is that the domain we wanted wasn’t available, so we switched to KVALA, where the K is pronounced “ka”, so here’s how KVALA was born, from the beautiful Greece sea side to the intricate phonetics.

The Story

Our story began shortly after we took over the business and thought that originality should stand at the base of our concept. So, we blended the love for art and the good taste of Greek cuisine in a one of a kind mix.


We are offering the coziness of our place for your events, along with that original and one of a kind taste of the Greek cuisine. We cannot host large events, but if you count under 80 persons, we are more than willing to host your event.

For details and booking, please use the contact section.

Let’s get in contact

We believe in face to face conversations, so, we’d appreciate a phone call or, better, a visit so we can meet you and you can meet the concept.